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Total Scattering Group

Total Scattering Group Staff

Graham King

HIPD and NPDF Instrument Scientist


Research interests: Pair Distribution Function (PDF) analysis, structure solution from powder diffraction, magnetic structures, multiferroics.

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Former Group Members


Joan Siewenie, Katharine Page, Thomas Proffen Link, Peter Encinias


Hyunjeong Kim, Delphine Gout, Nalini Sundaram, Claire White, Hsiu-Wen Wang


Emily Tencate, Breaunnah Bloomer, Kyle Thomas, Taylor Hood, Paul Lauria, Caroline Wurden, Nadine Rademacher, Efrain Rodriguez, Daniel Shoemaker, Julianne Coxe, Sylvia McLain, Jennifer Elle, Christina Herrera, Darin Hoffman

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Our friends the scientist and neutron man. Cartoons shown on this website were created by Julie Coxe, a talented artist and former summer student of the total scattering group.

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